Eggs for breakfast

Last week I was writing all about recovering from party excesses for Alpha Fit magazine.  I found out that not only are eggs a fabulous source of protein but they contain the chemical cysteine, which mops up alcoholic toxins in your body.  Eggs are also essential ingredients for some of my favourite things: cakes; baked chocolate mousse; lemon tart; custard; omelettes etc etc…

Now I’ve always been a massive egg fan.  They are packed with protein for their small stature; quick and easy to cook; full of omega oils (so long as you buy happy chicken eggs); very portable when boiled; and of course, the key to beautiful bakes.  Yesterday new research revealed that eggs can also keep you fuller for longer if you eat them at breakfast time.  Now, I’ve been singing this eggy hymn for some time now but the researchers from the Louisiana State University compared egg eating with cereal eating where both had the same amount of protein.  And the eggs still won. According to the study, published at the European Congress on Obesity, It’s to do with the quality and type of protein.

So, here’s my favourite eggy breakfast recipe, the Banana Omelette, modified from Chloe Stephens’ recipe, director of Tonbridge Bootcamps. It’s my guilty breakfast pleasure and whilst it might sound really odd think pancake rather than omelette and you’ll be on the right lines.  It’s a fantastic, balanced breakfast option.  Super quick to cook (and eat) and great if you have a sweet tooth (like me).




Coconut oil or butter

nutmeg/cinnamon to taste

Z sweet or honey to taste


Gently fry the chopped banana.

Meanwhile mix a couple of eggs with a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon and a teaspoon of Z sweet or honey.

When the banana is soft add the egg mixture to the pan and cook until just set.

That’s it!  It’s particularly yummy with a large mug of coffee.

By the way, if you’re worried about eggs and cholesterol don’t. The media got it very wrong a while back.


One thought on “Eggs for breakfast

  1. Hurrah. I’ve been an advocate for a cooked breakfast for years… Just need to lay off the bacon and sausages (I know, I know) and concentrate on eggs.

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