Ready for birth? Connecting with your rose.

There is, quite rightly, a lot of talk about strengthening, squeezing and lifting of your pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy and (hopefully) beyond into your grandparenting years.  But what of those – arduous for many – few hours spent pushing a baby’s head out of your rose garden?  As important as it is to close and lift your pelvic floor muscles, it’s also helpful to encourage relaxation towards the end of your pregnancy in order to ease a baby out with maximal efficiency yet minimal damage!

Opening the rose is an exercise specifically designed for the last part of your pregnancy and really goes hand in hand with the delights of perineal massage.  It’s about relaxing your bits and connecting with the right tubes and holes in readiness for your precious bundle to come, slowly (to avoid tears), yet steadily into the world.

How to do it:

At home, find yourself a comfortable position reclined on your sofa, a bean bag, or bed (propped up with cushions).

Allow your legs to open wide to the sides and relax.

In this position your focus is on completely relaxing your pelvic floor muscles.

Imagine the gentle hum of your pelvic floor, then let them relax, almost outwards (but don’t push)!

Imagine the path your baby will take from uterus, through the cervix and out into the world.  Focus on the pelvic floor muscles of your vagina now relaxing and opening out like a rose.

Take time over this in quiet to connect with this area in preparation for birth.


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