How to … train your pelvic floor muscles.

If you think I’m slightly obsessive about spreading the pelvic floor message to all of womankind (ambitious … me?) you’d be right.  If you’ve already done your exercises today then please tell me to give it up.

Still here? I thought so. So I’ve just been asked to write a brief how to guide for my forthcoming feature which does not mention the terms kegel or imagine you’re trying to stop yourself from peeing because, as we all know, neither goes far enough to work your bits in the right way.

Here’s what I came up with.  Please share with all of womankind!

Finding your pelvic floor muscles:
  • Sit on a firm chair, with your legs apart, and place a rolled up bath towel between your legs, running from your pubic bone to your coccyx.
  • Rock your pelvis back and forth. Your pelvic floor muscles will instinctively lift away from the towel.
  • Now hold your pelvis where the reaction seems strongest and continue to exercise (see below).
  • Your pelvic floor muscles start at your pubic bone and run to your coccyx. They control your urethra, vagina and anus so imagine all of these muscles lifting as you exercise.
SLOW SQUEEZES: Start by slowly squeezing up away from the towel and then slowly releasing your muscles, imagine you are lifting a marble up and down (aim for ten repetitions).
HOLDS: Hold a strong contraction in your pelvic floor muscles. Aim for ten seconds at a time, ten times.
QUICK SQUEEZES: Finally work your fast twitch (sneeze) muscles by doing ten, quick, strong squeezes.
Try to make a habit of fitting in a set every time you do a routine task, such as checking emails, commuting to work, preparing meals or watching TV.
My thanks to Sandra’s indignity for this brilliant illustration and to her gorgeous daughter Sam (babysitter extraordinaire) for taking the photo. x

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