Move over men, the weights room is for girlies

According to Sabi Phagura, writing in the Huffington Post yesterday, entering the weights room (TWR) is like entering the lion’s den, full of testosterone fuelled men grunting and staring at totty?

Whilst this preconception might be the case in some gyms, times have changed.  In my experience,TWR is far more social than the cardio gym or even classes.  There’s time and reason for interaction (even in London) and you tend to see the same folk at the same times.

Far from it being the domain of the alpha male, I believe girlies have a lot to offer TWR.

For example, around 90% of the men I’ve seen train in TWR have abysmal technique and need to be ashamed of themselves for grunting when they’re shifting teensy weights.  Girlies in TWR generally have great technique, otherwise they wouldn’t venture in. Weekends are the best time for comic weight antics, when men who rarely venture in to the gym feel they need to sweat it out whilst their partners do yoga.

Men do not stare at women in TWR. They stare at women all the time. In TWR, in the cardio gym, in class, in the car park.  It’s just when you’re looking out for it you’ll notice it more. And if you’ve trotted into TWR in see through pants of course they’ll stare. PS: Keep skimpy shorts and low cut tops for summer holidays, they are totally impractical for TWR.

Girlies are neat and tidy and smell nice. We clean our kit regularly. These are good things in confined spaces.

And a few Do’s and Don’ts:

DON’T wear a white top. When you train with weights you tend to get the smuggled peanut effect.

DO check the structure and modesty of your pants. Most running tights are see through when you bend over, never a good thing when doing a deadlift.

DON’T stand right next to or behind a squat rack if you can stand somewhere else. It’s dangerous and pretty stupid.

DO ask for help if a sweaty bloke has left his heavy weights on a rack.

DON’T wear headphones in the weights area. You need to listen out for someone asking you to move; someone asking if they can share your station; someone in trouble who needs a hand; someone about to vomit; or a heavy weight moving quickly in your direction.

DO clean up after yourself. Put stuff away, clean up your sweat, move benches back to where they belong.

AND FINALLY DON’T stand down wind of  men.  Protein shakes and a hard workout do nasty things to your guts.

Read Sabi’s original post here:


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