Bordoni Creations. Beautiful handbags and gorgeous workout gear.

Alongside my feature writing and classes, I dabble in a little corporate writing here and there!  Press releases, website copy, blogging, that sort of thing. I’m even writing a book for someone at the moment but more of that another time.

One of my first corporate clients was the fabulously talented Patricia Slapp, who is the creative brains behind fashion brand Bordoni Creations. Trish, is a designer. In fact her skills at the design board and sewing machine are a fusion of traditional ‘nan’ education and cutting edge Cordwainers education at the London College of Fashion. Trish is also a feisty, fitness instructor who can often be found springing effortlessly around the leading fitness studios of London.

Trish has married her two passions into a gorgeous and functional fitness fashion range, Bordoni Creations ‘active wear’. This is not your standard everyone’s-wearing-it Nike/Adidas/M&S sports clothing. This is road tested, hand selected fabrics, attention-to-the-female-form detail sports clothing, that doesn’t cost the earth. And because you can contact the creator directly, a custom made legging isn’t too tall an order.

I’ve done a few press releases for Bordoni Creations which have helped Trish’s active wear make it to the front pages of UK fitness magazines.

I’ve also recently written all the lovely active wear descriptions for the new Bordoni Creations website, take a peek!


As a reward for all of your hot, sweaty workouts, you should take a peek at Trish’s lust-worthy bags. All are limited collections, so there’s no danger of that matchy matchy bag thing going on. Plus, all are beautifully made from the loveliest, super soft leather you can imagine.

Check out the Bordoni Creations bags here:

Oh and all of Trish’s collection is hand made in the UK, so very ethical too. I keep mentioning Trish’s lovely Bordoni Creations bags to my hubby. Hoping he’ll get the hint soon, especially since it happens to be our third wedding anniversary next week, which I do believe is our leather anniversary!

Go Trish. Such a fabulous small business really making it’s mark.


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