Say no to saggy boobs and save £’s at Sweatshop.

Bouncing boobies are something of an obsession of mine. Whenever I see them, swinging to and fro, nearly suffocating their hard at work host running around the park, I just want to stop and scream, ‘NO – SAVE YOURSELVES.’

The thing is ladies – and I’m sure you’ve got this by now – that yes I’m all for getting fit and active and feeling better but not to the detriment of your health. No matter what shape or size, breasts are a beautiful part of you and need respect.

Your breasts are made up of your mammary glands and fat. Your boobs sit on top of your pectoral (chest) muscles and are attached by the delicate Cooper’s ligaments. Your breasts hang down because the weight of breast tissue is heavier than the surrounding fat.

If you surrender your jugs to bra freedom on an every day basis, or jiggle your jubblies with unsufficient support whilst exercising you’re nipples are more likely to become bed fellow with your navel than with your chin.

Pregnancy, breast size, age, illness, smoking and your weight all have a part to play in the sagging stakes too.

BUT … sports bras are expensive, I hear you say.

Well sort of but they are so worth it. AND, the lovely team at Sweatshop has a fabulous campaign where you can take in any manky old bra and get £5 of a shiny new sports variety. Plus, £1 of this goes to a brilliant charity, the MicroLoan Foundation, developed to help African women work their way out of poverty.

Sweatshop’s campaign is not news. It’s been around for about a year but I was chattering to a lovely mum about it this morning and realised I’d never written about it here.

BUT … sports bras are ugly, uncomfortable and unflattering, I hear you say.

Not so lady friend. When did you last try one on? Hmmnn. I wore my Shock Absorber Run bra in various sizes throughout my pregnancy and not only was it comfy, there was no flattening or pointing of my lady bumps.

BUT … I don’t want to expose myself to a fitter, I hear you say.

Well. You don’t have to. The fitters at Sweatshop are sooooo clever and talented that they can figure you all out without a naked nipple in sight. And they are the only bra fitters in the UK who work directly with the breast science team at the University of Southampton (yes there is one).

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Go get fitted.

For once your breasts head south, I’m afraid their pertness will forever be a distant mammory.


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