Salt is good for you – as long as it’s pink.

Salt. Elixir of flavour, bursting with trace minerals, nature’s antiseptic (cat owners will know the joy that is bathing pussy’s poorly paw in a saline solution), ancient preserver of food stuffs, foe of snow and water softener. But in modern times, salt has become eeeevillll.

The invention of table salt, saw the once as precious as gold preserving agent stripped of all trace minerals, resulting in off-white, sad looking, 97-99% sodium chloride, wrapped in preserving agents, additives and fluoride in little pots in kitchen cupboards and cafe tables all over the world.

Now meet himalayan crystal salt. Less refined than sea salt and full of nature’s gold. And – even better … it’s pink!

The body needs salt. It’s vital for our cells, nerves, digestion and for the absorption and elimination of waste. But we don’t get any of this good stuff from cheap table salt – instead it just adds to the toxicity.

Salt cleanses, it’s been used for years as a detoxing agent. Plus do you remember the arrival of floatation tanks? Floating in your own, sanitized Dead Sea. Well you can recreate this at home, in the bath, with your own salts. The clever thing in himalayan crystal salt is that particles are small enough to enter the body and blood stream. The power of osmosis enables toxins to pass out and goodness to pass in.

I always recommend salt baths to me pre and post natal ladies for three very important reasons:

  1. Nothing beats a salt bath for pregnancy aches and pains. The properties in pink salt help with pain relief and circulation around tired hips and backs.
  2. Salt baths can also help with breast engorgement, relieving that full, porn star fullness you feel in the early days of motherhood.
  3. Nature’s antiseptic is brilliant for sewn up, swollen bits. You don’t have to look, you can just sit in a bath and feel the tingling, healing feeling. It has the same effect on cracked nipples too.

So whether you choose to put it in your salt cellar, look at it via a pretty pink salt lamp or bathe in it, if you’re into the unrefined life, I’d suggest you invest in some of the pink stuff.

You can buy pink salt direct from here but I’m planning on doing a bulk order soon so if you’d like to try out some bath salts just let me know and I’ll make sure I buy enough for everyone.


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