Harlow Food Bank – working to restore dignity and hope

Before Friday’s big event I thought it was important to say a little about each of the charities we’re supporting.

We aren’t asking for any entrance money but have asked for a contribution for the Harlow food bank. This means anything from a tin to a packet of pasta.

I found out about the food bank through this year’s Epping United Reformed Church toddler group, harvest collection. All the children brought tins, tea-bags, dried food and biscuits. The sorts of foods that might sustain a family or individal in crisis, in the time it takes for more permanent financial help to be put in place.

The Harlow food bank, organised through the Michael Roberts Charitable Trust, has fed over 6000 people since it started in 2009. Last year the charity reported a 35% increase in demand for support. It’s doing brilliant work, at a community level, to ensure help gets to the right place and the people who really need it.

Please give generously. Here’s a list of what is really needed http://www.mrct.org.uk/harlowfoodbank/foodlist.htm

We’ll see you on Friday.



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