A Fit School Christmas – after the party

What a night! After a lot of planning and preparation, our first health and fitness evening was a lot of fun and a real success.

I loved Rochele’s crazy Zumba party. Rochele ‘I had a baby eight weeks ago so need to take it easy,’ who proceeded to exude energy only slightly greater than that of our youngest participant, Maya (21 months) who had no intention of going to sleep so Zumba’d in her PJs.

It was also fantastic to meet some new faces and to see so much willing participation in our taster classes and talks.

I know a lot of you made a massive effort to get there last night. Taking annual leave; arriving direct from hospital visits; leaving five day old babies at home; bringing sleeping tots when babysitters weren’t available; bringing husbands to look after babies; and above all, just coming. Then there were those of you who couldn’t make it but still donated money and good wishes. The list goes on. I always endeavour to support new ventures and events, so support is something that means a great deal to me.

Now we’ve done one, it will be easier to do more. So watch out for Fit School roadshow 2013. We’re comin’ at ya’!





One thought on “A Fit School Christmas – after the party

  1. Great news, really pleased it went so well (disappointed I couldn’t make it) lookong forward to hearing about the next one/roadshow! Good luck, fab idea!!

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