LOTC is proving so popular we’re hoping to run an Epping one too.


Fit School is looking for willing recruits who want to get in shape. Here’s how it’s going to work:


Fit School’s ladies only training camps. We don’t do bootcamps like you know bootcamps!



I’ve been getting lots of enquiries about bootcamps, the ‘guaranteed to beast you’ workout that’s taken over the outdoor fitness market. They are fun and can create a great post workout ‘endorphin’ high.


For the last 12 years in fitness, Karen and I have focused on results. From our knowledge, the results obtained from the majority of bootcamps aren’t in the same league as the results we have achieved. Especially if you’re only attending them just once a week. Of course there are some fantastic bootcamps out there which do deliver a fun experience and results. The main feature of these great bootcamps is multiple training sessions per week and a nutrition plan. But there…

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