Good food vs. Bad food. Do you demonise your diet?

I had a great day out with my mum yesterday. We were at the 3 Foot Festival in Chelmsford with my son and niece. We’d taken packed lunches, suitable for a full day out, filled with activities. On the way home mum commented on how well she’d been doing with her food but that today had been a bad day. She said it a few times, how since she’d been back from holiday she’d been good and lost a few pounds but today was a bad day. Why? From what I could make out it was because we’d had cheese rolls for lunch.

Now I’m not going to sit here and extoll the virtues of the humble cheese roll. Bread and cheese are both hugely acid forming to the body and the combination is body fat’s best friend. However, the occasional cheese roll, when you’re out and about and hungry, is not going to sabotage your long term health goals.

My mature cheddar was sandwiched with my mum’s, new season, home made apricot and tamarind chutney, inside a freshly home baked granary roll. I was hungry. It was nice. I was able to thoroughly enjoy it without a spot of guilt. Why? Because I know I eat well 80% of the time and a cheese roll is still kinder to my body than a take away burger or pizza. Today my food options will be replaced by eggs, salmon and plenty of nutritious vegetables. Hey, who knows, I may even whop out the juicer and concoct a green delight with some of my abundant home grown mint.

The point is this. If you demonise food it no longer becomes a pleasure AND you are likely to crave more of it, especially if you’re a type who likes to be subversive. Instead, recognise how some foods are kind to your body, whilst others are for treats and occasional enjoyment only. But do just that: enjoy them! Here’s to cheese rolls and fun days out.



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